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Mantaro Valley, Department Junin, Peru

MEJORC and Expand United

MEJOR Communities provides training opportunities to rural communities so that they may make educated decisions regarding their physical and emotional health, resulting in individuals who feel invested in and capable of creating positive change in their communities. Expand Peru is dedicated to helping Peruvians in extreme poverty live a better life through programs that focus on education, health and other issues.

Through our similar missions and education-based development styles, we have formed a partnership uniting resources to best serve the communities in most need.  While Expand focuses more on children ages 6-12 through general support and education opportunities. MEJORC continues to increase youth's self-esteem during their teenage years, giving them the chance to develop their leadership through focused community projects.

Scholarship Details

MEJORC is offering a scholarship to one Expand volunteer who will dedicate additional time to leading focused youth group aimed at increasing leadership skills.

Volunteer responsibilities:

Requirements: Ability to commit at least 3 months.  Preference will be given to applicants who are proficient in both Spanish and English who can commit to longer periods of time (6 months to one year) and those who have had experience either living abroad or working with teens.  Volunteer must be proactive and be prepared to work without much supervision.

Scholarship values will be awarded to commensurate with experience.  The scholarship will cover up to 75% of the Expand volunteer fees (Host family living preferred).

Scholarship applications will be received on a continual basis, and availability will be dependent on the current scholarship recipient's commitment schedule and MEJORC's current budget.

To apply send a resume and cover letter to scholarship. Please answer the following questions:

After receiving your application MEJORC will take one month to review it, and wait for Expand's notification of the applicant's acceptance as a volunteer.  You will then be notified if you will be invited for an interview.  For questions about this application process please click here to email.

Please note that this is not an application for Expand. A separate application must be filled and accepted to earn this scholarship. Expand's application can be found on their website.